Why Hire Union?

A few fast facts:

• 70 affiliated training centers nationwide
• Over 50 different courses available for workers
• Specialized training including CDL is now offered
• Locally, 179 apprentices have graduated in the last four years – with at least 10 drivers in each class
• Community outreach and a focus on hiring minorities and women continues
• Signatory contractors have several free resources available through LECET

A specially trained local workforce is in great demand, and LIUNA – Laborers’ International Union of North America can provide it. LIUNA Training and its network of over 70 affiliated training centers, providing over 50 different courses develop superior workers. Graduates of these programs have everything from general construction skills to OSHA, scaffolding to First Aid/CPR and Hazard Communication. Training continues in one or more areas beyond Building Construction, Heavy/Highway and Utility Construction, Masonry, Demolition and Deconstruction, Pipeline, Tunneling, Environmental Remediation, and Landscaping.
Specialty courses, such as the IRCA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) Program are available as well. This course is focused on health care construction in areas where patients are near the work – teaching workers the best ways to minimize infection risk for patients.
Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) training is now offered, and CDL insurance for Laborers can be included at no cost to signatory contractors! Lead renovator, microbial (mold) removal and silica awareness classes are available, as well as GPS classes for blueprint job mapping.

In the last four years, we have graduated 179 apprentices, and in each graduating class, there are at least ten CDL drivers. Outreach to schools is constant and key community conversations take place regularly, through sponsorships, promotions, partnerships, and local churches, with a focused outreach to minority communities and women of color. Visits to schools and parents is also part of the process. We want students to know they could learn a trade, support themselves and their families, all while making money, and graduating without debt. We have the people you are looking for! Contact us today to find out who could be working for you tomorrow.

Union signatory contractors have access to a range of free resources through LECET (Laborers’ Employers Cooperation and Education Trust). This includes Market Expansion Program for Contractors (MEPC), which provides bid data on hundreds of thousands of construction projects across the U.S. and Canada. This summary project information can be customized for the contractor based on the type of work, project size, and value as well as location.

We have several support programs we offer contractors – from banking, reporting, and bonding to insurance. If you aren’t working, we aren’t working – so LIUNA and LECET do all we can to make sure the work keeps coming in – for all parties involved.

You can access MEP while out in the field; download our new mobile app (available on iOS & Android) to get started today.